Working with Excel using Automation Anywhere

We will Discuss Excel operations using Automation Anywhere. Excel is very useful to deal with simple as well as complex data. Excel makes handling data and its manipulation really easy. I can not discuss all excel commands here so showing only high-level commands.

We can perform many actions on excel like we can open excel file, get data from excel, write data on excel, find some text in excel sheet, sort data, find duplicates and save sheet. All these tasks are really required to work with data.

As shown in below image, excel sheet can be opened to retrieve data from the sheet by providing sheets address.

Once the sheet is recognised by automation anywhere any action can be performed. If we want to get data from the sheet, we can use below command to get all data from the sheet and same data can be used for further processing.

Now if we want to write some data to excel, we can use below command to write on excel sheet.

Note: here we have used a system defined variable ‘Excel column’ to get data from the first column and write on active cell.

  • Excel can be used to get data from the database or from excel to database.
  • It can be used for data entry to any web form or any form filling using automated bots. No human intervention, any sheet on predefined location can be picked and can fill data in the form(s).
  • It can be used to compare data, remove duplicates etc.
  • or to find and replace some data.
  • Excel is also very much used as intermediate data source. get data from the database and save in excel then apply manipulation and use as required, like graph creation.
  • Excel macros can be executed

These are few actions that we can perform in excel using Automation Anywhere.

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