Insert KeyStrokes in Automation Anywhere

Insert keystroke is exactly what we would do the action from key board i.e if you want to do short cut for save then you will be using Ctrl + S so, using keystroke you can deliver specific keystrokes in an application as a human would enter on a regular keyboard.
In Automation Anywhere insert keystrokes by:

  1. Open a task using task editor
  2. Then drag and drop the Insert keystroke command into task editor
  3. Select the application needed keystrokes from the select window drop-down list
  4. Type/Insert/click on the specific keystrokes in the keystrokes box
  5. Insert keystrokes exactly as you performed on a keyboard ( here use Down and Up keys for commands that need to be pressed and held i.e short cut for save (Ctrl + S) would be inserted as shown in the keystroke box
    Task editor where you can drag and drop Insert keystroke command

Short cut key for saving options (Ctrl + S), need to press Ctrl Down, S and then Ctrl Up.
Check encrypt keystrokes box to hide keystrokes from unauthorized users.
If you want to insert any custom variable or system defined variables
Key strokes exactly what appears in the keyboard